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Olympos Data

Olympos Data is a one man consultancy company specializing in code optimization in Delphi using assembler and the instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2 and SSE3. We can also optimize C++ code using C++ Builder, MS Visual Studio and the Intel Compiler. Olympos Data has a suite of computers based on all the latest CPU’s to use as target machines. The suite currently consists of these CPU’s: P4 Northwood, P4 Prescott, Opteron, Ahtlon XP and P3.

A typical way a project can run is like this. Your company delivers a benchmark and validation tool containing the function(s) you want Olympos Data to optimize. Then Olympos Data spend the hours agreed upon and deliver a faster and still correct version of the function(s). The actual improvement in speed depends on the efficiency of the function before start and the function(s) potential for optimization including the possible benefit from coding in assembler, perhaps using specialized instructions from the IA32 instruction set extensions.

The benchmark and validation tool can also be made by Olympos Data. This will decrease the time available for doing actual optimizations.

If you have a job for us or just want information please do not hesitate to contact us at

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